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The Bus – 2002 Watergate, Kilkenny and National Tour

By Maeve Ingoldsby & Philip Hardy “The Bus seeks to stimulate discussion rather than teach lessons. It succesed admirably, and is well produced with good acting, an excellent design of a bus interior and clued-in direction” –... Read more...

The Elves and the Shoemaker – 2001 The Barn, Kilkenny

By Mike Kenny Old Man (John M. Ryan) and Old Woman (Roisín Gribben) with the Elves The Elves and the Shoemakers tells the traditional tale of two kind elves who help a penniless shoemaker and his wife out of their troubles and back on their... Read more...

Kevin’s Story – 2001 Autumn Tour

By Maeve Ingoldsby Kevin's Story Kevin’s Story follows a day in the life of eight-year-old Kevin as he struggles to stay out of trouble. Kevin has to write about himself for homework, but can’t think of anything he does beyond... Read more...

Kevin’s Story – 2001 Spring Tour

By Maeve Ingoldsby “It is all very funny and entirely credible … the delighted squeals of a packed house were the appropriate tribute to (Barnstorm’s) efforts.” – The Irish Times Robots (Peter Daly and Eva Bartley) Kevin’s... Read more...

Earwigs – 2000 Watergate, Kilkenny and National Tour

By Maeve Ingoldsby Joe Byrne (Dermot Byrne) and Eddy Byrne (Eoin Slattery) Eddy Byrne has a secret. Trouble is that it’s his big brother Tony’s secret and he’s promised not to squeal. Ma knows Tony’s up to something but... Read more...

One-Two-Three O’Leary – 2000 Watergate, Kilkenny and National Tour

By Bernard Farrell Adapted from the play “Max und Milli” by Volker Ludwig. Mary (Sarah Doherty) Davy O’Leary is a little timid and feels tyrannised by his younger and more assertive sister Mary. Their father has deserted... Read more...

Scaredycats – 1999 Watergate, Kilkenny and National Tour

by Maeve Ingoldsby “[Barnstorm have] another winner in their new production” – Irish Times, February 15th, 1999 Scaredycats Matty and Billy Phelan live in Ballyowen. Following the recent death of their mother, their father has decided... Read more...

Silly Bits of Sky – 1998 Watergate, Kilkenny and National Tour

By Maeve Ingoldsby “Once again, Barnstorm Theatre Company have come up with a winning formula”. Kilkenny People Deggsie (Mike Carberry), Petey (Willaim O'Connell), Spider (Mark O'Brien), Pineapple (Gene Rooney) and Lanky (Helen... Read more...

When Moses Met Marconi – 1997 National Tour

by Bernard Farrell “…this is marvellous comedy, witty, clever, touching, recognisable, at times nasty, and above all real.” – Sunday Independent, August 17th, 1997 Bobby Bold (Gerald Fitzmahony) and Nuala Ryan (Helen Walsh) When... Read more...

Bananas in the Bread Bin – 1997 National Tour

by Maeve Ingoldsby “For quite a few years now, Maeve Ingoldsby has been writing intelligent, unpatronising plays for children and her latest is as good as any of them…[Bananas in the bread Bin] is a smooth, well-obseved, good-humoured... Read more...

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