Rehearsals are more than half-way through at The Barn, for the landmark production, the first ever production, of A Murder of Crows, written by Mike Kenny in collaboration with Barnstorm.

Here’s a musical taster of the lullaby from the play. Music composed by Pól Brennan; lyrics by Mike Kenny; vocals by Tara Byrne.


A Murder of Crows - actors' crow pose

Off-site rehearsals - actors' crow poses

Cast Paul Curley, Conor Donelan, Annette Flynn, Sarah Kinlen, Fiona McGeown and Shane O’Reilly are physically limbered up and are well into the production.

Collaborative work continues with set design (Carol Betera), costume designers (Harmless Creatures), music composer (Pól Brennan- of Clannad) and lighting designer (Mark Galione).

Alé Mercado, illustrative artist and graphic designer has captured the essence of the play with his brochure design – he also created an exquisite limited edition screenprint in honour of Barnstorm’s 20th!


Crow Row

Crow Row