Barnstorm’s Kilkenny Youth Theatre presents ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Lewis Carroll’s much loved children’s story. The senior members have enjoyed re-imagining the much-loved characters and setting their production in the dazzle of the roaring 20s.

Alice is 12 and ½ years of age and it bothers her to still be thought of as a child, even in her dreams!  Why do all these other people get to make the decisions, confuse her and boss her, after all, she is nearly thirteen.

‘Alice In Wonderland’ has a cast of 21 young people from all around Kilkenny, and the production will take a flamboyant approach to costume and set by taking influence from the 1920s. This was a time where design and look were inspired by dazzling post-war jazziness, glitter and glamour, which lends itself perfectly to the madness of Wonderland.

Playing Mouse and Cook, Maeve (16 years) said “All the characters are so unique. I have adored exploring the meaning behind all of the characters and who they might represent in Alice’s real life”

Cast member Letiesha (15), who plays Alice: “Alice is a character everyone can relate to in some way. She’s growing up and doesn’t want to be treated as a child anymore. She must face many quirky, challenging and sometimes utterly terrifying characters that mirror people in her own life. She is told to ‘Quieten down’ and ‘Hold her tongue’. Through her dreams of distorted 1920s mania, she learns to trust in herself and be confident as she goes forth in life and not to accept any nonsense! I am truly honoured to be able to play such an incredible character, who has taught me so much.”

Mark (16) is a new member of Kilkenny Youth Theatre and plays Humpty Dumpty: “The Youth Theatre is amazing! I really feel like I belong here and I can be myself. I’ve met some really amazing people too – most of my best friends!”

Anna Galligan, Barnstorm’s Outreach Officer and Director of the play: “Alice in Wonderland has seen many adaptations from Disney to Burton.  We have remained very true to Lewis Carroll’s original books of Alice both in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  The main change is Alice is now 12 and ½ years of age, as Humpty says ‘a most uncomfortable age’.   It is when we begin to leave childhood and enter our teenage years. The group gets to work altogether in some chaotic ensemble scenes such as playing croquet in the Queen’s Garden and being jury at the Knave’s Trial. It is an insane story so it presents great challenges in terms of taking it from the page of a book to the story living on the stage. And challenges are what keeps youth theatre exciting for both members and audience.’

‘Alice In Wonderland’ is running Friday 03 May and Saturday 04 May at 7.30pm, with a matinee on Saturday at 2.30pm, in The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny. Tickets are €18/€16 (Under 18’s) and can be booked directly from The Watergate: 056 7761674/