By Mike Kenny

Big Sister, Little Brother - Rita (Aideen Wylde) and Archie (Paul Curley)

Big Sister, Little Brother - Rita (Aideen Wylde) and Archie (Paul Curley) Photo: Dylan Vaughan

Rita and Archie are on the run!

They had a fine position at the castle weaving garments for the Emperor, but when everything goes wrong, whose fault is it?

Like any brother and sister, they blame each other and can’t even agree on which way to run! As they pause for breath they tell the audience their story about a vain Emperor, a beautiful Empress and a host of courtiers, in a magical palace, with rooms full of clothes, where they wove a magic garment.

In telling the tale the siblings the siblings play out a classic battle for power, with Rita constantly bullying and pushing Archie around, while he undermines her authority and demands to be heard.

A play for children aged 4 to 7 years.

Running time approx 40 minutes

The ProductionProduction History
Actor 1: Aideen WyldeThe Barn, Kilkenny13th - 24th, 27th - 28th October, 2008
Actor 2: Paul CurleyDraiocht, Blanchardstown3rd - 6th November, 2008
Director: Philip HardyThe Factory, Sligo10th - 11th November, 2008
Set Design: Carol BeteraGarter Lane, Waterford13th - 14th November, 2008
Costume Design: Bernie McCoy
Lighting Design: Sinead McKenna
Sound Design: Liz Fitzgerald
Movement Director: Monika Bieniek
Production Manager: Vincent Dempsey
Stage Manager: Steve Rider
Graphic Design: Alé Mercado