Henry and Bucket tour to North America! 


The Bockety World of Henry & Bucket travels to North America to delight family audiences in New York, Florida,  Virginia, New Jersey, Kansas, Arkansas and four cities in Ontario, Canada. Paul Curley (Bucket) and Aidan Crowe (Henry), along with crew Steve Rider and Joe Glasgow kick off the first performance on Sunday January 15 at Long Island Children’s Museum.

Poetic, humorous and rich in visual antics, this play explores friendship through a day in the life of two friends who have been likened to a modern-day Laurel and Hardy. For children aged 4+.

For more information go to: barnstorm.ie/north-america-tour

This tour is supported by Culture Ireland.

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What reviewers say:

“Bockety Brilliance”  4**** STARS! – The Irish Times

“a stand-out piece of children’s theatre” – Irish Theatre Magazine

“Barnstorm is…wickedly sure-footed with their Samuel Beckett meets Heath-Robinson two- hander…There’s touching humanity amidst the hilarity” 4**** STARS! – The Herald Scotland

“…achieved that rather amazing goal of being able to make a small and limited world as big as the sky through inventiveness and imagination, something children have the capacity to do and adults too easily forget. Their fantastical car journey is a joy to behold!” – The Edinburgh Guide

“Great fun and great theatre” –  The Edinburgh Guide

“A fantastic show” – Team Juice, Edinburgh 

“A touchingly humorous and thoughtful production that explores ways in which human beings overcome obstacles and difficulties in relationships with the people we care most about.” – The Bath and Wiltshire Parent

“…the production reflects and sanctifies children’s imaginative play, and the relationship between play and theatre for young audiences.” – Children’s Theatre Reviews.com

“Here is another brilliant, completely different, production which speaks to, and says as much about, married couples as four-year-olds.” – Children’s Theatre Reviews.com