By Maeve Ingoldsby

Joe Byrne (Dermot Byrne) and Eddy Byrne (Eoin Slattery)

Joe Byrne (Dermot Byrne) and Eddy Byrne (Eoin Slattery)

Eddy Byrne has a secret. Trouble is that it’s his big brother Tony’s secret and he’s promised not to squeal. Ma knows Tony’s up to something but she’s not sure what it is. Mrs Farrell, next door, has her own opinion on the matter and is not shy about offering advice. Neither is Auntie Carmel who’s doing a course on parenting.

They all start putting two and two together and get six and a half, and suddenly Tony’s secret is ruining the whole summer. Advice varies from “being loving and supportive” to “a clip on the ear” and Ma finds herself under increasing pressure. Eddy decides things are getiing out of hand, it’s time to spill the beans – if he can find the right words. And someone to listen!

A play for children aged 10 – 14 years.

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