Theatre is one of those things that children will love if they’re helped to get there to see it. No child will find his or her own way to the theatre…it is up to teachers, parents and adults to take children there Writer Phillip Pullman


A Theatre for All Audiences

Originally from Dublin, Philip Hardy’s life took an unexpected turn when he returned to his mother’s hometown, Inistioge. The theatre was still in his blood, and it was during this time that he laid the foundation for Barnstorm Theatre Company in 1991.

Philip’s dream was to create theatre that resonated with diverse audiences. Barnstorm doesn’t limit itself—it produces for children, young people, as well as communities. The company hosts three youth theatre groups, where young members explore and create their own theatrical experiences. Additionally, they offer a similar opportunity to adults through the Adult Theatre Club, which has given rise to the Barn Owl Players in Kilkenny.

– Thought-Provoking Productions: Barnstorm’s productions are anything but ordinary. They weave quirky, modern fairy tales that tackle real-life subjects. From dementia in Monday’s Child to growing up different in The Ice Child, and even online addiction in Alice and the Wolf, these daring storylines captivate young audiences. With the power of storytelling—the magic that unfolds when writers, actors, design teams, and production crews come together with a specific audience in mind.

– Behind the Scenes: about understanding the intricate workings of theatre. As an actor himself, he transitioned into directing. His early experience as Assistant Director on the world premiere of Dancing with Lughnasa at the Abbey Theatre marked the beginning of modern theatre.

– A Dark Yet Exciting World where we suspend disbelief and immerse ourselves in stories and characters. And children, navigating their way through life, can handle more than we often give them credit for.

Through Barnstorm, there is a space where theatre transcends age, connects communities, and sparks conversations. Committed to inclusive and impactful theatre experiences and most of all the craft of theatre making.