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‘Oh, how do I join?’

…thank you so much for all your hard work and effort over the past two
years and I can honestly say that those two years have benefited me
tremendously….‘ – Eimear, Kilkenny, 17 yrs 

How do I join Kilkenny Youth Theatre?

Fill in your Expression of Interest KYT September 22 – May 23

Barnstorm Theatre Company has three youth theatre groups:

    Senior (SYT) for those at least 14+ yrs,

    Middle (MYT) for those in 1st and 2nd year

    Junior (JYT) for those in 5th and 6th class

They all come under the heading Kilkenny Youth Theatre (KYT) and run from September to May/June.

KYT only takes in new members each September.  The closing date each year for applications is the 31st of August.  Those interested can express their interest by using the link above.

Where groups are over-subscribed, open workshops are held during the first full week in September when the ways we work is demonstrated and an informal Question & Answer session about the youth theatre is held.

Though KYT tries to make room for everyone who is interested, this is not always possible due to resources and numbers.  If there needs to be a selection of new members, it is based on the gender, geographical and age breakdown of the current group and the applicant’s reason for joining, and their participation in the open workshop.

Senior Youth Theatre

SYT runs on Tuesday from 5.30 – 7.30pm.  The annual production takes place in the week following the Easter school holidays.  There is an additional time commitment expected for rehearsals, however consideration is given to other commitments e.g. exams, school etc.

Middle Youth Theatre

MYT runs on Wednesdays from 5.00 – 6.30pm.  The year comes to an end in May with a performance for family and friends.  There may be some extra tie commitment around the time of production which takes place on weekend in May.

Junior Youth Theatre

JYT runs on Wednesday from 4.30 – 6pm.  The year finishes in summer with a performance showcase for parents and friends, usually at a weekend in June.  There is no or minimal additional time commitment expected.


The annual membership fee for KYT is €250. This includes a registration fee of €70 to secure a place.  There is flexibility within reason to how the balance of €180 is paid.  There is a discount of €25 per sibling and there are a limited number of scholarships available.

About Kilkenny Youth Theatre

Founded in 1991, KYT’s main aim is to produce theatre by young people for young people.  The youth theatre is child and young person centered and concentrates on drama and theatre skills.  There is no previous experience or a wish to have a career in theatre required.