In our Meet the Cast articles over the coming weeks you will get to read about the people involved in this unique production. Today we meet Eoin O’Sullivan, who plays the part of Barney’s dad. Eoin is originally from Castleisland, Co. Kerry and living in Dublin.

Eoin O’Sullivan by City Headshots Dublin


What was the first play you ever saw? My first memory of the theatre is seeing my father perform with the Island Players drama group and being excited to see him transform into different characters. Apparently, I also screamed “Hi Dad!” the very first time I saw him appear on stage; I was four years old and theatre etiquette wasn’t yet a strong point! 

How did you first get into acting? I have always had a keen interest in film and theatre but I only discovered my passion for acting in recent years. This led me to leave the IT & finance sector behind and to train professionally, and I haven’t looked back since!

Was your English teacher inspiring? Unfortunately, I didn’t fully appreciate the knowledge they were imparting at the time. I should really revisit my family copy of “Soundings” poetry book. I would value the content and the many notes scrawled in the edges far more now!

Did you attend theatre while in primary school? A little, yes; I do remember some productions in Scór na nÓg, and I also did some summer courses.

Tell us about your character in Barney Carey Gets His Wings. I play Barney’s Dad – a responsible husband and father, caring and cautious, but with a little hint of adventure. He’s bemused and befuddled by his young son being so smart at age seven, and he certainly learns a lot from Barney and Agnes during this play.

What sort of person is going to love the play? Anyone who enjoys great humour, lots of fun, poignant moments – and wings!

What will the audience be thinking about as they head home after Barney Carey Gets His Wings? I hope that adults and children will be thinking about why it’s good to sometimes let go and take flight, and that they ask each other when those moments might be.

What’s going to surprise people about this play? There’s quite a few unexpected moments throughout. Sorry, no spoilers!

Who will have the best costume? It might be hard to top Agnes’s luxuriance.

What’s challenging about bringing this script to life? Learning to fly  😉

Have you performed in Kilkenny before? No, but I’m excited to be debuting with Barney Carey Gets His Wings. 

Why did you want to be involved in this production? I’m interested in theatre for young audiences, especially plays that surprise and challenge, and moments that will resonate with children and adults beyond the theatre. The chance to work on an original piece with Barnstorm and a very talented team, was not to be missed!

What would your dream role be on stage/film? Anything by Martin McDonagh; wonderfully dark, funny and complex work.

School performances are on Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd with a family show on Saturday 24th. Get your tickets from the Watergate Theatre (056 7761674) or online at and next month join Barney and his dad, and of course, the lady with the beard, as they spread their wings in this comic tale of forgotten memories and future possibilities.