Moving up

a school-based programme for 6th class students delivered in their final weeks of primary school. as a class we looked back on their primary school journey, and reflected on this. We also looked to the future with the aim of addressing concerns they may have had regarding transitioning to Secondary School. The outcomes of the project were to develop drama skills, then to use these skills to explore situations and themes centred on transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School. During these workshop’s students used skills such as improvisation, role play and drama games. Through these skills they explored themes such as; new starts, obstacles that may be encountered. There was also a focus on the importance of developing a growth mindset to overcome challenges.

When: Spring and Summer Term
Where: in Schools

Booking is essential, email for more information


Transition Year Programme

a series of 10 workshops once a week specifically for transition year students. Students attended Barnstorm Studio once a week to engage in a two-hour workshop. The outcomes of these workshops are to develop drama skills through, improvisation, ensemble work and scripted text. Transition Year is a year for exploring self-identity and new opportunities. These workshops provide students with an opportunity to explore Drama and the performing arts with a professional facilitator working in the Theatre profession. Other outcomes that are a focal point are interpersonal skills such as; building confidence in speech, performance, and creative processes used in developing performance.

When: 10 weekly sessions Autumn, Winter and Spring Term
Where: Barnstorm Studio, 3 Johns Quay, Kilkenny, R95 T382
Booking is essential, email for more information


Production Enrichment Workshops

For Barnstorm’s Productions for young audiences we offer a resource pack to participating teachers.
The pack provides a focus for exploration and discussion of themes raised through the play and will link to a range of curricular areas.

In-School Workshops. For County Kilkenny schools attending the play, we offer two in-school workshops:
A pre-show session using the production poster and model-box of the set to explore the children’s expectations of the upcoming theatre experience and a post-show session using a critical response method that encourages the children to articulate their experience of the production. (Comprehension & Oral Language Development)

These sessions are optional and offered on a first come, first served basis. You can apply for the workshops by e-mailing Jo Hennessy: once you have confirmed your booking for the show.


Creative Associate

The aim of Creative Schools is to support a culture of creativity for students within the school environment and to build collaborations and partnerships between the school and their network of local cultural and creative resources. Jo is our Creative Associate who will work closely with the school community to develop a bespoke Creativity Plan for each school.