By Maeve Ingoldsby

“In a highly entertaining manner, Silly Bits of Sky teaches us all a few valuable lessons for life” – The Irish Times, February 28th, 2007

Deggsie (Gus McDonagh) and Petey (Niall McDonagh)

Deggsie (Gus McDonagh) and Petey (Niall McDonagh) (Photo: Dylan Vaughan)

Lanky Murphy hates being teased about her height. Deggsie is fiercely sensitive to being slagged about his family circumstances. When his boast of having a brand new sleeping bag with a hood is challenged by Spider as “spoof” the lies snowball and Deggsie realises he will have to produce the sleeping bag or be found out.

Deggsie’s desperate efforts to part-borrow, part-earn the money he needs lead him to doing some work for Lanky’s granny, a feisty but insightful woman with whom he forges an unlikely friendship. But with his light-fingered and spacey brother Petey causing chaos wherever he goes and his mother’s failure to understand how important the sleeping bag is to him, Deggsie’s plan go awry. The only solution to his problem would mean betraying the trust of the one person who understands him…

A play for children aged 7 to 11 years.

Running time: 80 minutes.

The ProductionProduction History
Actor 1: Gus McDonaghWatergate, Kilkenny6th - 13th February, 2007
Actor 2: Niall McDonaghTown Hall Theatre, Galway15th - 16th February, 2007
Actor 3: Shonagh LyonsCivic Theatre, Tallaght26th February - 2nd March, 2007
Actor 4: Helen RocheDunamaise Theatre, Portlaoise5th - 6th March, 2007
Actor 5: Aileen MythenRoyal Theatre, Castlebar8th - 9th March, 2007
Actor 6: John MortonGarter Lane, Waterford12th - 13th March, 2007
Directed by: Philip HardyMullingar Arts Centre15th - 16th March, 2007
Original Music: John RyanBackstage Theatre, Longford21st - 23rd March, 2007
Set Design: Carol BeteraGlór, Ennis26th - 27th March, 2007
Lighting Design: Mark GalioneÍontas, Castleblayney29th - 30th March, 2007
Costume Design: Bernie McCoy
Production Manager: Michael Burke
Stage/Tour Manager: Steve Rider
Technical Manager: Joe Glasgow
Ass. Stage Manager: Ronan Egan
Set Construction: T.P.S.
Transport: Simon Burke