Barnstorm Theatre Company is thrilled to announce StormFest, a captivating week of plays for children and their families.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of John’s Quay, StormFest promises laughter, adventure, and heartwarming stories that will leave audiences of all ages spellbound.


StormFest Line-up:



Meet Lynn, a lovable ‘libravian’ minding her own business amongst the bookshelves until Ben the Book Tour guide gets the mumps and suddenly she is doing the one thing she said she’d never do again!

Sat 10 August 11am & 1pm         Sun 11 August 11am & 1pm         BOOK HERE



A very special story about an Ant called Amy, her brother Andy and a brown spider. Amy the ant works very hard. When she wins the Employee of the Month Award Amy feels happiness that drives her to work even harder. But with the help of the Brown Spider, Amy finds true happiness by embracing her brother’s memory in the everyday. A story about a busy little ant who learns to slow down.

Tue 13 August 11am & 1pm        Wed 14 August 11am & 1pm      BOOK HERE



Ulysses for Children?  Yes. Yes, Ulysses for Children.

James Joyce’s epic story of one day in one city is brought to life in this inventive new show, bringing Ireland’s most notorious book to audiences aged 8 and upwards, and to all those who haven’t got around to reading it yet. Combining live performance, intricate paper design, an original score and Joyce’s odyssey, this is theatre that will excite young and old.

Thu 15 August 11am & 1pm       Fri 16 August 11am & 1pm        BOOK HERE