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‘Barnstorm has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will forever treasure the laughs, the shows, the workshops and the incredible friends I made. The confidence and acceptance you gain from being part of this group is unparalleled’ Stephanie (member 2018 to date)

‘Coming out of lockdown and working with such a lovely, fun and talented group of people, getting to know them and work with them, has been amazing. Barnstorm is a place where we can all come and be ourselves, as loud and as mad as we want without being judged, and I am very grateful for it.’ Ruby, 16 (member 2019 – to date)

‘The Youth Theatre is one of my favourite organisations in Kilkenny. Through it I managed to make friends and enjoy myself immensely.’  Matthew (member 2016 to date)

‘’ …thank you so much for all your hard work and effort over the past two years and I can honestly say that those two years have benefited me tremendously….’  Eimear, 17

How do I join Barnstorm Youth Theatre?

Fill in your Expression of Interest BYT September 23 – May 24

Barnstorm Theatre Company has three youth theatre groups:

    Senior (SYT) for those at least 14+ yrs,

    Middle (MYT) for those in 1st and 2nd year

    Junior (JYT) for those in 5th and 6th class

Barnstorm Youth Theatre (BYT) runs from September to May/June and takes in new members each September.  The closing date each year for applications is the 31st of August.  Those interested can express their interest by using the link above.

Where groups are over-subscribed, open workshops are held during the first full week in September when the ways we work is demonstrated and an informal Question & Answer session about the youth theatre is held.

We to make room for everyone who is interested, this is not always possible due to resources and numbers.  If there needs to be a selection of new members, it is based on the gender, geographical and age breakdown of the current group and the applicant’s reason for joining, and their participation in the open workshop.

Senior Youth Theatre

Tuesday from 5.30 – 7.30pm.  The annual production takes place in the week following the Easter school holidays.  There is an additional time commitment expected for rehearsals, however consideration is given to other commitments e.g. exams, school etc.

Middle Youth Theatre

Wednesdays from 4.30 – 6.00pm.  The year comes to an end in May with a performance for family and friends.  There may be some extra tie commitment around the time of production which takes place on weekend in May.

Junior Youth Theatre

Thursdays from 4.00 – 5.30pm.  The year finishes in summer with a performance showcase for parents and friends, usually at a weekend in June.  There is no or minimal additional time commitment expected.


The annual membership fee is €250. This includes a registration fee of €70 to secure a place & the balance of €180 is due by December.  There is a discount of €25 per sibling and there are a limited number of scholarships available. Just ask Rosey rosey@barnstorm.ie

About Barnstorm Youth Theatre (BYT) in Kilkenny

Founded in 1991, BYT’s main aim is to produce theatre by young people for young people.  The youth theatre is child and young person centered and concentrates on drama and theatre skills.  There is no previous experience or a wish to have a career in theatre required.

The programme includes weekly workshops during the school year and one production a year.  

The workshops are facilitated by Rosey Hayes.  Rosey was member of a youth theatre, has trained and worked as a professional actor and director.


Macbeth by William Shakespeare (2023)
XIV Fourteen by Droichead Youth Theatre (2022)
Alice in Wonderland adapted for stage by Anna Galligan (2019) – new production
There is Only Now by Anna Galligan, devised with SYT (2018)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare (2017)
The House of Oedipus by Anna Galligan (2016)
Alice in Wonderland adapted for stage by Anna Galligan (2015)
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (2014)
KoHL devised by Droichead Youth Theatre with Sharon Cromwell (2013)
Gormanghast by Mervyn Peake, adapted by John Constable (2012)
Paving Paradise by Richard Conlon (2011)
A Vampire Story by Moira Buffini (2010)
Burying Your Brother in the Pavement by Jack Thorne (2009)
The Exam by Andy Hamilton (2008)

Us and Them by David Campton (2022)
(Note: MYT was formed in 2019 and due to the pandemic did not put on staged productions)

Us and Them by David Campton (2022)
Scattered by James Butler (2019)
Don’t Shoot the Messenger by John Morton in collaboration with JYT (2018)
The Girl with The Golden Hair by Anna Galligan, devised with JYT (2017)
Trapped devised by Physically Phishy written by Geraldine O’ Neill (2016)
Grandad’s Diary devised by JYT with Anna Galligan (2015)
School Lockers three one acts designed and directed by JYT (2014)
In Quest of a Play devised by Physically Phishy written by Geraldine O’ Neill (2013)
Don’t Shoot the Messenger by John Morton in collaboration with the JYT (2012)
Beowulf devised by JYT, written by Anna Galligan (2011)
Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare – abridged (2010)
Mythika devised by JYT (2009)
The Dahl Project devised by JYT (2008)

In 2007, after much demand from the public, Barnstorm decided to create opportunities for the adults in Kilkenny & the South East to explore the art of theatre from acting to stage management to design and more. The Adult Drama Club was initiated to be a place to socialise and learn about theatre, to go to shows and discuss the aspects of production afterwards in a fun yet critically positive environment. A second group was formed a few years later both groups are now the Barn Owl Players with a growing reputation for exciting and innovative theatre projects in Kilkenny.

In 2010 the first One-Act Theatre Festival was launched to tremendous success and to date the members of Barn Owl Players are constantly looking for new challenges in the development of theatre skills.

For further information contact 0567751266 or philip@barnstorm.ie




Love In Lockdown – Panic Stations 2022


Productions & Projects to date:

(2022) Love in Lockdown: LIVE (2 programmes May)

(2021) Love in Lockdown Part1 (March) + Part 2 (April)

(2020) Zoom BOP: CONFINEMENT (partnership with Barn Owl Players (12 monologues on Zoom and launched on YouTube)

(2017) Big Maggie by John B Keane

(2016) One-Act Festival 2016 – The Bear by Brian Friel & Tough Cookies by Edward Crosby Wells

(2015) Christmas Crackers

(2015) Blood, Bats & Barn Owls @ Rothe House

(2015) One-Act Festival 2015 – A Bedtime Story by Sean O’Casey, Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn & A Little Box Of Oblivion by Stephen Bean

(2015) What’s Love Got to Do with It? @ Hole in the Wall

(2014) Christmas Crackers

(2014) One-Act Festival: Theatre X 2

(2013) Mid-May Murders (BOP + KATS) Any Body for Tea? by G. B. Gilford & The Patient by Agatha Christie.

(2012) Re: Joyce @ The Hole In The Wall

(2012) Keane Writings @ The Hole In The Wall

(2012) Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel

(2012) Cabaret Nights – Members direct each other in an evening of monologues, excerpts and poetry presented in The Barn in the unique setting of a club.

(2011) 2nd Annual One-Act Festival – Two plays The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter and The Donahue Sisters by Geraldine Aron directed, designed, stage managed and produced by the members.

(2011) Shorts 11 – The new Adult Theatre Club took to the stage in the tradition of previous members and produced four play excerpts in a full evening presentation in The Barn.

(2011) Love Is…  But like true troopers the BOP rose to another challenge and in a short time created a memorable evening of Love with poetry, song and drama, for romantics & cynics alike, that was presented in The Hole in the Wall on High Street.

(2010) Christmas Crackers – Pieces were chosen and cast, directors elected and rehearsals well under way when the great snow of 2010 hit! We had to postpone and then cancel this one when January arrived.

(2010) One-Act Festival – BOP produced the first festival which comprised of two programmes with five plays presented in The Barn over a week.

(2010) Anything…But Peig – The second group of adults had been developing theatre skills over the previous year and presented their version of Cabaret Nights with an Irish flavour in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

(2009) Christmas Crackers – The company re-visited the Cabaret Nights module to present a festive fare that thrilled audiences on the run-up to Christmas. This time mulled wine and mince pies added to the enjoyment of short performances, poems and songs to celebrate the season in The Barn.

(2009) Halloween Tales – Members of the Barn Owl Players created a show for children that involved Celtic Folklore and Legend based on Halloween and the horror tale. Children (and parents) were encouraged to bring along a duvet, blanket or pillow for this treat that was presented in The Barn on 31st Oct.

(2009) Cabaret Nights @ The Barn – Members directed each other in monologues that were presented in a ‘cabaret-style’ in The Barn – audiences were seated at individual tables surrounded by paintings and glitz, and, while performances took place on stages at either end of the room, were fed wine and titbits. (to back page)

(2009) Shorts 09 – Another series of short plays directed by Barnstorm staff and presented by the new ADC in The Barn

(2008) The Whiteheaded Boy – A full-length 3-act play by Lennox Robinson presented in the Watergate Theatre

(2008) Shorts 08 – A series of short plays directed by Barnstorm staff and presented in The Barn