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An educational programme that uses drama to explore different aspects of communication. The programme starts with a meeting with the school to discuss aims and objectives and to explore what may be beneficial for participants.

This is followed by an Introductory Workshop with the class or group to determine group needs and dynamics.

Group drama session with Transition Years

The First Session looks at sharing leadership, active listening and ends with an improvisation circle. This session introduces drama elements and works on group dynamics.

The Second Session focuses on subtext and communication.  After warm-up exercises participants work with scripts to explore how tone can change the meaning of what we say. 

Young person makes a facial expression

The Third Session looks at non-verbal communication.  What are the elements of non-verbal communication? What non-verbal messages do we get from others?  What non-verbal messages do we give off? There is exploration of emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger and fear; how we portray them and how we recognise them.

The Fourth Session looks at status; personal and societal status. Some topics explored are: how do we recognise status; how do we show status; what is the difference between personal and societal status and how does status effect our relationships?  The methodologies used are drama exercises, feedback and script.

Drama Session in The Barn

The Fifth Session looks at spontaneity as an element of communication as we are not always able to control our environment or our impulses.

Communication Through Drama first took place with the Transition Year Students at Duiske College, Graiguenamanagh in November and December 2012.

For more information on this programme contact Anna Galligan, Outreach Officer. Tel. 056 7751266