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By Maeve Ingoldsby

“In a highly entertaining manner, Silly Bits of Sky teaches us all a few valuable lessons for life” – The Irish Times, February 28th, 2007

Deggsie (Gus McDonagh) and Petey (Niall McDonagh)

Deggsie (Gus McDonagh) and Petey (Niall McDonagh) (Photo: Dylan Vaughan)

Lanky Murphy hates being teased about her height. Deggsie is fiercely sensitive to being slagged about his family circumstances. When his boast of having a brand new sleeping bag with a hood is challenged by Spider as “spoof” the lies snowball and Deggsie realises he will have to produce the sleeping bag or be found out.

Deggsie’s desperate efforts to part-borrow, part-earn the money he needs lead him to doing some work for Lanky’s granny, a feisty but insightful woman with whom he forges an unlikely friendship. But with his light-fingered and spacey brother Petey causing chaos wherever he goes and his mother’s failure to understand how important the sleeping bag is to him, Deggsie’s plan go awry. The only solution to his problem would mean betraying the trust of the one person who understands him…

A play for children aged 7 to 11 years.

Running time: 80 minutes.

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By Maeve Ingoldsby

Adapted from the play Bella, Boss and Bulli by Volker Ludwig.

Digger (Martin McCann), Dee-Dee (Sarah Dillon) and Doc (Alan Walsh)

Digger (Martin McCann), Dee-Dee (Sarah Dillon) and Doc (Alan Walsh) (Photo: Dylan Vaughan)

Dee-Dee Daly is at war with her mother. She has not been consulted about moving to a new area and resents leaving her home and her friends. At her new school she meets up with Doc and Digger, two classmates who also have parent trouble. Doc’s busy parents give him everything except the attention he needs. Digger is afraid his father will send him away. Much to Dee-Dee’s annoyance the boys think her mother is great.

The three children, all isolated in their own way, are drawn together by their common need for friendship and by the threat of an older boy who is blackmailing them. They join forces to confront the bully and the self-confidence they gain through mutual support encourages them to tackle the difficulties they have at home, with unexpected and comic results.

A play for 6 – 12 year olds.

Running time appox 70 minutes.

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By Maeve Ingoldsby

Kevin's Story

Kevin's Story

Kevin’s Story follows a day in the life of eight-year-old Kevin as he struggles to stay out of trouble. Kevin has to write about himself for homework, but can’t think of anything he does beyond upsetting everyone around him. He doesn’t play football, doesn’t draw. He’s no good at sums or spelling.

Although he is the hero of his own daydreams, Kevin accepts the judgement of adults and his peers that he is useless and a bit crazy. That is, until an encounter with an unconventional adult offers a glimpse of hope for Kevin.

A play for 6 – 10 year olds.

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