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….. an exciting and innovative outreach theatre project which was the result of a month’s intensive investigation, development and rehearsal with a group of local teenagers in 2007.

Outreach Officer Ronán MacRaois, worked with diverse groups in the city and county over a 6-month period, and through open workshop/auditions selected eight of them to develop a theatre performance based on teenage stereotypes.

Over a month the young actors created the original piece of theatre through a daily routine of drama/theatre workshops involving games and exercises, the development of performance & improvisational skills; and exploration of themselves, their own opinions and ideas.

“This is an opportunity for local young people to create new and refreshing theatre – we won’t just be putting this performance on a standard stage, we will be experimenting with public spaces and challenging people’s expectations” said Ronán.

Nerd, Goth, Blond, Skanger, Bully, Bitch

Stereotypes - The Cast

STEREOTYPES (a.k.a NERD GOTH BLONDE SCANGER BULLY BITCH) was performed on Aug 31st and Sept 1st in The Barn with a cast of eight.


Tom Barry, Hannah Frister, Culan Furey, Rosey Hayes, Lynsey Moran, Jake Moylan, Sinéad Phelan, Chantelle Walsh

Director:                    Ronán Mac Raois
Stage Manager:        Dror Zur
Lighting operator:    Ray Barrett