A new Irish fairy-tale by Mike Kenny.

“a quirky thought-provoking modern fairy tale, it was undoubtedly a highlight of the Belfast Children’s Festival” –  Belfast Telegraph, March 2014

“Spellbinding performances in The Ice Child”- Kilkenny People, March 2014

The fairy-folk bell chorus

The fairy-folk bell chorus

You can’t trust the fairy-folk. They stole the baby and left the Ice Child in its place.

The Ice Child is not like other children. He’s lost in a world that doesn’t understand and doesn’t welcome him.

The Ice Child can’t be hugged, can’t be cuddled. He’ll melt. How do you love a child that can’t be touched? And what is love anyway – when you come right down to it?

This is a tale of growing up different. It’s a fairy story – a story told by the fairies about people. And it’s a love story – a story about love.

Using sound, real-time video and live performance, a motley band of contemporary sídhe (Irish fairy-folk) enact a dazzling once-upon-a-time tale about people.

Commissioned and produced by Barnstorm, the world premiere will take place at the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny on 27th February.

Family Performance on Saturday 1st March at 7.30pm. Bookings: 056 7761674

A play for children aged 8+

Running time: 55 minutes approximately

Tickets: €10 / €7 for school groups

The ProductionVenuePerformance Dates
Actor: Caoimhe CassidyWatergate TheatreThur Feb 27th: 11.30am
Actor: Aron HegartyFri Feb 28th: 10.00am & 12.30pm
Actor: Bryan QuinnFAMILY SHOW:
Sat Mar 1st: 7.30pm
Actor: Jack WalshMon Mar 3rd: 10.00am & 12.30pm
Written by: Mike KennyTue Mar 4th: 11.00am
Directed by: Philip HardyWed Mar 5th: 10.00am & 12.30pm
Set Designer: Carol Betera
Costume Designer: Catherine Fay
Composer: Jack Cawley
Lighting Designer: Nick Anton
Videographer: Darragh Byrne
Stage Manager: Steve Rider
Production Manager: Vincent Demspey
Assistant Stage Manager: Keshet Zur
Graphic Designer: Alé Mercado