By Mike Kenny

‘…the fluidity of narration, combined with the simplicity of the settings allows the story to flow seamlessly…The Barnstorm ensemble, both in acting and production, has a consistency and continuity that contributes greatly to a house-style that is lucid and engaging, not only for the target audience, in this case 4-5 year-olds – but also the adults who accompany them’. Irish Theatre Magazine

Puppet Josh in The Song from the Sea (Photo: Dylan Vaughan)

Puppet Josh in The Song from the Sea (Photo: Dylan Vaughan)

Listen! Can you hear it?

Our captivating show The Song from the Sea, by Mike Kenny, focuses on a young boy’s struggle to find his place in his family, and in the wider world. Blending storytelling, performance, puppets, music and a beautiful song from the sea, this show is a sensory treat.

Playwright Mike Kenny’s writing shows great empathy with young children. He will be familiar to Barnstorm audiences as the author of Big Sister, Little Brother and Jack.

With its blend of magic and realism, and an emphasis on shared storytelling The Song from the Sea is an encouraging and uplifting show for young children.

A play for children aged 4 and older.

On this tour we are delighted to be playing in the very first Children’s Festival of Theatre in Sligo: The Mad Hatter Theatre Festival, along with Baboró International Arts Festival for Children.

Running time: 35 minutes

THE SONG FROM THE SEA (c) Mike Kenny 1992
Copyright Agent: Alan Brodie Representation Ltd –

12-10-2012Roscommon Arts Centre090 6625 82410am & 11.30am
15-10-2012Baboró Children's Festival- An Taibhdhearc091 569 77710.15am & 11.45am
16-10-2012Baboró Children's Festival - An Taibhdhearc091 569 77710.15am & 11.45am
17-10-2012Baboró Children's Festival - An Taibhdhearc091 569 77710.15am & 11.45am
18-10-2012Baboró Children's Festival - The Mall Theatre, Tuam091 569 77710am & 12 noon
20-10-2012Hawk's Well Theatre, Sligo071 916 151811am & 2pm
25-10-2012Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire01 231 292910am & 11.30am
27-10-2012Ramor Theatre, Virginia, Co Cavan049 854 70742pm & 4pm
30-10-2012Half Moon Theatre, Cork Opera House021 427 002211.30am, 2pm & 3.30pm