Archiwum dla miesiąca: October 2022

After two years of working online, Barnstorm’s Kilkenny Youth Theatre were back in person and delighted to bring their production of XIV (Fourteen) to a live audience.

Originally devised by Sharon Cromwell and Droichead Youth Theatre, XIV is set in ancient Rome and takes place on the day of Liberius’ 14th birthday; the same day the Roman army arrive home from their victory in Britannia. However, the celebrations are short-lived as blood and secrets are spilled, erupting in a catastrophic climax for all involved. Alea Iacta Est.

Director: Rosey Hayes 

A captivating production in the enchanted surroundings of the boot factory Padmore and Barnes of Kilkenny from the 30th November to 16th December.

This is a short and caring story about a Christmas gift and based on one of the very few traditional fairy tales with a Christmas theme. The poor shoemakers receive some unexpected help just when they need it most. Based on the Grimms’ fairytale, “The Elves and the Shoemakers” by Mike Kenny is for children aged 4-9 years and tells the tale of two kind elves who help two penniless shoemakers out of their troubles and back on their feet. Presented to small audiences in the intimate surroundings of the Shoemakers’ Shop, this is a delightful introduction to theatre for very young audiences.

Teachers’ Resources

A resource pack is available to teachers linked to the SPHE syllabus, for exploration and discussion of themes in the play.

Download Teachers resource pack here